A Special Wish for Mom & Dad

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p>While we were at the hospital with Reagan this week, Grandma and Grandpa Hoegh took Kate out to CPK for dinner. On exit of the restaurant, they encountered the fountains, perfect for coin-toss wishes. Grandpa happened to have a couple coins to oblige and the wishes started to flow.

Before throwing the first coin, they wished Kate to be happy and healthy. Prior to the second toss, Kate wished that baby Reagan be happy and healthy. Grandpa replied that it was very sweet of her to have offered one of her wishes to Reagan. This led to Kate pausing in hesitation for her third wish.

After a few moments to ponder the most appropriate third wish, she tossed the coin into the http://export.gov/wcm/fragments/fl_eg_outsidelinks/redirect.asp?URL=http://www.dkaplan.net& fountain.

Grandpa asked, “what did you wish for Kate?”

“Hmmm,… I made my wish for Mommy and Daddy”, she explained. Grandpa replied with curiosity, “so, what did you wish for?”

I wished my Mom and Dad could get a new microwave,… the one we have is just too hard to open.

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