Okay, Okay

This is just getting pathetic. There are major milestones happening in between posts, which sort of kills the spirit of a family blog. I promise to be more disciplined about this.

Some quickie updates:

Kate’s a first grader now, crazy. She’s loving her new class and she landed a perfectly compatible teacher.

Reagan started school (Mommy & Me school) and is really getting into it. Now, I know the name (Mommy & Me) is supposed to refer to Mommy being present, but Reagan seems to have interpreted it as a Mommy training school. She has really taken to babies (dolls) and is remarkably good at dressing them, cuddling them, swaddling them and the highlight is to take them to the school’s kitchen to cook for and feed them. Apparently, she had a pretty good role model at home.

Reina’s doing her usual to get super involved in the school and in addition to being Kate’s room parent again this year, she has just been elected to the PTA Treasury post. She’s rockin’ it. She’s also keeping the Brownie troop on track and is with Kate at soccer practice as I write this. Super mom.

Me, well, nothing really new, same stressful job with far too many late nights. I am about to launch my latest AFI project (November 8th), a new twist on a Documentary in collaboration with MTV & EA. Turns out that this year, we will be presenting it at the Digital Film Festival, which should be good to raise awareness of the program and our efforts. More details to come. On the home front, I am finally in the home stretch on the bathroom remodel. So much for getting it done by Mother’s day. The Matchless is also at last road worthy and I am very much looking forward to bobbing around town (a great incentive to get that bathroom done).

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  1. The Hockmans says:

    Greetings from Savanna!! What a great idea!! Jenn/JD forward this and your photos over to me! It is great to see how you are all doing and to see your family photos – who is the photgrapher – too cute! Curt & I hope to come out this Spring for a race and look forward to visiting… every 2+ yrs is a little much to visit family – talk about pathetic! Keep bloggin’ – Curt & Tony

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