It’s been a busy, busy couple years. Here it is the eve before the eve before Christmas and I’m realizing that there’s a real imbalance between work and life that has warped our perspective. All our friends got Christmas cards out. We did not. My coworkers and even my boss took their vacations on schedule. I’ve been officially “off” since Tuesday, yet, I’ve already worked more than 60 hours this week and its not even Friday.

Things are well, but then again they are not.

Reina’s working again, but it means less family time. I got some more responsibility at work and have doubled the size of my department, but it means more stress and less family time. Reagan’s in Kindergarten now and Kate’s in the Fourth Grade if you can believe that, but this too means less family time. Our lives have become complicated and our schedules are insane. We’re nearing the end of the year, so I’m betting the next week will be a good time for some reflection and the introduction of a few resolutions that bring our personal lives back into focus.

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